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Do you want a life that feels purposeful, meaningful and happy?


Do you want to end the grip anxiety or depression have on your thoughts?



can help you silence the lies that keep you from living into your full potential! 

Get Coaching with Brooks Wilkening

Meet Brooks

Confidence Coach

Hello! I'm Brooks Wilkening, MAMFT and Life Coach, dedicated to helping people silence self doubt and build lasting confidence. I believe each one of us has so much goodness inside yet we sometimes get burdened by worries, negative self talk and insecurities. I would love to help you, or someone you love, crush anxiety, stop negative thinking, and become your best self. I'm a mother of 4, youth specialist, speaker and blogger who began coaching 20 years ago with a passion to help people thrive.  I help teens, young adults, and parents uncover obstacles, manage self talk, and develop lasting confidence. I hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with a Confidence Coaching Certification.


Meet Brooks

I can help you or a family member...



Break Through Obstacles


Game Day




Embrace Your

Full Potential


"Whether you are a typical teenager who needs to regain your Confidence, or an athlete looking to build greater Confidence, I can help you kick anxiety in the butt and rebuild your self esteem!

Brooks Wilkening



What People are Saying About Brooks...

Client Reviews

I first asked Brooks to meet with my daughter when I saw her anxiety about leaving for college in the midst of a pandemic begin to overtake her. From the very first meeting, Jessica came home with an, "I can do this" attitude, and a willingness to believe she could get through this time. Brooks has made a huge difference in my daughter's confidence and comfort, which has helped her manage her anxiety. By giving her practical exercises and easy-to-do lessons, Jessica has made great strides in overcoming many of her fears that often hold her back. Jessica trusts Brooks and knows she is there for her, cares about her and will never belittle or demean her for the thoughts in her head. Even now at college they continue to talk and meet over zoom, which brings both Jessica and I great comfort. I can't speak highly enough about Brooks as a confidence builder, life skills teacher, mentor and coach. 

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Katie H.

Mother of Jessica (Age 18)

As most teenagers do at some point in high school, my daughter was struggling with friends, boys and direction. I noticed her withdrawing from the family and spending more and more time in her room. I talked with Brooks about this and she gave me great advice and words of encouragement to help my daughter. When the time was right, and Anna was ready, she met with Brooks. After one meeting Anna was a different person, with her hope, confidence and a willingness to join in restored. Brooks helped her find the words to express what was bothering her which created wonderful, meaningful conversation between Anna and us as parents and we couldn't be happier with where she is right now. I highly recommend Brooks to anyone needing either short term or long term coaching - she has really made a difference in our house. 

Middle Aged Woman

Olivia G.

Mother of Anna (Age 16)

Brooks helped me to manage my new levels of anxiety in very achievable ways. She is easy to speak openly and honestly with and as a mom myself I gained additional insights. Her coaching style and knowledge of mental health helped me to understand what I was feeling and gave me obtainable goals and tools to move forward. I left our meetings feeling encouraged and positive.

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman

Gloria P.

Adult Client

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